Elder Law and Advocacy

Focusing on the needs and wishes of older adults to promote quality of life and care.


I provide legal, advocacy, and conflict resolution services for older adults and their families, including:

  • Care advocacy to promote quality of life and care
  • Preserving choice and preferences through alternatives to guardianship, such as Patient Advocate Designations
  • Long term care planning and asset protection
  • Eligibility for needs-based government benefits (e.g., Medicaid)
  • Estate planning
  • Trust administration
  • Guardianships and conservatorships
  • Decedent (probate) estate
  • Elder mediation. Elder mediation is a voluntary process to resolve conflicts between parties regarding the needs of older adults. For more information, see Elder Mediation Promotes Relationships, Dignity & Choice.
  • Conflict resolution coaching. Conflict resolution coaching is a voluntary process to help an individual more effectively cope and address conflicts in constructive manner. For more information, see What is Conflict Resolution Coaching?

Brought Peace

With my dad’s mental decline and my mom’s medical difficulties, I needed help in planning for all contingencies down the road. Roxanne was able to calmly explain the legal documents that we needed. It was a relief to have all papers in place and understand what might be needed for future contingencies.

She was a lifeline years later, advising me as my dad’s health and mental status declined. Roxanne kept me focused as I collected the necessary materials so that she could  get my dad on Medicaid. When my dad passed, everything was in place for my mom.

Her keen legal knowledge, understanding of dementia, and compassion brought my family peace.

Bonnie B.